The TST Patristics and Early Christianity Seminar has originally been dedicated to the discussion of any aspect of early Christian literature, history, and thought from the sub-apostolic age to the 6th century in the West and the 8th century in the East. Starting this term the Seminar will stretch its previously defined boundaries and accept presentations covering a wider array of related topics than before.

The TST Patristics and Early Christianity Seminar is a friendly and welcoming group hosted by the Faculty of Theology at the University of St Michael’s College. All those interested in any of the scheduled seminars are invited to attend. The Seminar is a congenial forum for students and faculty from a variety of schools and disciplines to gather and discuss common interests. Refreshments are always provided.

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The TST Patristics and Early Christianity Seminar invites proposals for papers to be presented at the seminar’s meetings in the upcoming Fall and Winter terms.

Please send proposed paper title and abstract (150 words) to Dora Krizmanic at dora.krizmanic@mail.utoronto.ca with cc to Marcos Ramos OP at marcos.ramos@utoronto.ca

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